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Please note: Filling out this form does not gaurantee that you will be able to purchase a feline from Tj Purrs. We select homes that we feel best suit the needs of each kitten on an individual basis. For example a shy cat will not be placed in home with many children. We constantly strive to look after the best interest of our cats. We wish you the best of luck in finding your ideal kitty!

Your full name:

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What type of kitten are you looking to purchase?
Pet Only

Tell us about your family.

Do you have any other pets?

If you have other pets please provide 2 references. If your other pets are a cat or a dog please include a veterinary reference.

If you have had other pets that are no longer with you please describe what happened to them.

Will your cat be an indoor cat, or an indoor outdoor cat?
Indoors Only
Indoors and Outdoors (supervised)
Indoors and Outdoors (unsupervised)

If you are interested in purchasing a female for breeding, how often will you breed her per year?
More than two times

Are you aware that persian cats carry RINGWORM, a self limmiting contagious fungal infection and at some time in your cats life you may have to treat it for this? Would you be willing to treat it for this?

Have you read our contract and do you agree to all of the terms outlined in the contract? If not please let us know why you disagree?

If Tj Purrs does not have a cat or a kitten available that suits your needs, may we pass your information on to another reputable breeder?
Please do.
No, thank you anyway!
Please email me the contact info for a reputable breeder.