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TJ Purrs

Our Contract

Please Read this document carefully.

Buyer Agrees to the following conditions of sale

    If purchased as a breeder:

  1. Buyer agrees to care for this feline and any kittens resulting from the breeding of this feline in a proper manner, housing them in roomy quarters, feeding them properly, maintaining their health and freedom from parasites, giving them a generous amount of personal attention and breeding them judiciously.
    • Buyer agrees to sell all pet quality kittens with non-breeding agreements, to be altered before one year of age, with registration papers designated "not for breeding".
    • Buyer agrees to take this feline to a licensed veterinarian for a routine immunization and checkup at least once per year.

    • Buyer agrees to give the breeder first option to buy this cat/kitten back should a re-sale be considered. If the breeder declines to buy this feline back, the Buyer agrees to have the new owner sign a new contract identical to the terms of the original contract. A male cat/kitten cannot, under the terms of this contract, be re-sold "whole", unless otherwise agreed upon in writing (in other words, he must be neutered prior to resale).
    • No TJ Purrs cat or kitten must ever be surrendered to a shelter or research faccility, all of these animals are MY babies and as such can be returned to me at any time if you are no longer able to care for your pet, or we will help you to find a suitable placement. No TJ Purrs cat or kitten can be "put to sleep" without medical cause.
    • If cat/kitten is to be shipped, veterinary health certificate shall accompany said cat/kitten, as well as a baby blanket or two.
    • Buyer agrees not to allow this feline to roam out of doors.

    If the above conditions are not respected, the breeder has the right to take back this cat/kitten without refund. 

  2. The buyer understands that he/she has a 48 hour period from the date of receipt of this cat/kitten to have it vet-checked in order to confirm a good bill-of-health. If a veterinarian has determined that the animal is unhealthy, the buyer has the right to return this cat/kitten for a full refund or an exchange kitten of equal value. A written report from a licensed veterinarian outlining his/her findings and estimated costs is required in order to obtain the refund. Under no circumstances is the breeder responsible for any outcome or costs associated with veterinary treatment without the breeder's prior written approval. The breeder retains the right to select to pay the veterinary costs or offer refund or exchange if the associated cost of treatment should exceed the value of the kitten.
  3. The breeder will not be held legally liable under any circumstances for any amount greater than the cost of the kitten.

    Please read the following carefully.

  4. Breeder will not be responsible for any male cat/kitten sold as a pet with any undecended testicle(s). If you have purchased your male as a breeder and it has an undescended testicle and it is 12 months old, Tj Purrs will offer a replacement kitten of equal value and quality as soon as we have one availabe.
  5. TJ Purrs Cattery will under no circumstances be held responsible for the following conditions that are common to the breed:

    ___*Misaligned jaw- we will always inform the purchaser of this condition if it has been noticed before sale.

    ___*Blocked tear ducts

    ___*Ringworm that is not noticed by our veterinarian at the 8 week health check. Every kitten is examined under a blacklight for sighns of infection regularly.
    Persian cats frequently carry ringworm and it can easily be picked up -even from a routine visit to the vet, and since all my kittens are health checked and are at risk just because they are persian, I refuse to sell a kitten to anyone who will not take responsibility should this condition arise. All of our kittens will be treated for ringworm regardless of weather or not our cattery is showing signs of infection at the time. Having a ringworm infection is not a suitable reason to not want a kitten, and it is not life threatening. NO PERSIAN breeder can legitimately assure you that your kitten will never have ringworm. We will inform you if we have evidence of active infection in our cattery. If you have any concerns about ringworm I highly suggest that you research the condition before choosing a persian kitten.

    ___*Diarrhea resulting from sudden change of diet or stress.

If you have any questions please ask the breeder.

NOTE: Our sky blue or deep blue eyed kittens will not be sold with breeding rights within Canada.

We will replace any kitten that dies before it's 1st birthday if buyer provides us with a written statement detailing the cause of death from a licenced veterinarian within 72 hours of the death.   This WILL NOT apply to neglect or abuse or cats that have died from accidental causes.

Date: __________________________________________

Signature of Purchaser:____________________________

Signature of Seller: ______________________________

By signing this contract the buyer agrees to all of the above terms and fully understands all contract details.

Phone number:_________________________

Address : _____________________________



Does a SPAY/NUETER incentive apply to this contract?


Conditons of incentive:

Registration papers will provided with veterinary proof of alteration, allow 6-8 weeks for processing.

Cat or kitten prices varry depending on quality,color,and owner intentions.(breeding cats, or show cats are more costly.)

The breeder reserves the right to decline a cat/kitten to any potential purchaser, or to decline breeding rights on any animal that we believe does not represent the quality we wish to reproduce.

Cat/Kitten I.D. ________________________

Purchase Price: ________________________

Cash Only.

Thank you for your purchase! Enjoy your kitty!